Back in the mid 1980's South Padre Island was touted as one of the ideal places to Windsurf in the continental United States. The tropical temperatures, consistent winds and cheap prices made South Padre a "go to" destination. Now 20 or so years later many things on The Island have changed but you will still find the same great windsurfing conditions. Windsurf Inc. has been leading the way since the 80's and continues to provide the best instruction, equipment, and vacation packages available on South Padre.

Windsurf Inc can furnish you with the latest in equipment from the sports top manufacturers. Combine this with waist deep warm water and you have a winning combination to advance your skills or maximize the fun !

And don't forget if the wind is not up you can rent surfboards, stand-up-paddleboards, bodyboards, kayaks or wakeboard rentals by the half hour.